Garden Products Are Now Here!

November 21, 2017

Garden Products Are Now Here!

We have been super busy stocking up a few new brands to fill out our gardening section!

We are excited to now offer organic nutrients, LED lights, tents, and other gardening equipment!

BlueSky Organics  is an organic nutrient company that we first met after they won a couple cannabis cups from us!  We were blown away by their Gods Ink and Gods White Lightening (which both won 1st place in their categories) that we knew their organic nutrient line would be a great fit in the shop.  BlueSky Organics is the first company to become a certified organic nutrient specifically formulated for cannabis.  We already have their full line of products available, and are excited to soon have the Craft Cannabis Kit, which is the exact amount of nutrients required for 4-5 cannabis plants.

We also started carrying Vertafort , a super simple organic nutrient that comes from Europe and is in a pellet form.   You just mix the Vertafort in with the soil and water as normal, it really couldn't be simpler!  This is meant for anyone who really wants to set it and forget it!

The Pure Factory  is a brand of garden essentials that are all a great quality and reasonable pricepoint.  You can find everything from trimming scissors to fabric pots and even tents of various sizes from this company.

Finally, we also started carrying California Lightworks , one of the highest rated LED systems available on the market.  LED lights are cool (figuratively and literally--they run much cooler than traditional lights and are super safe).  Plants only use certain colours within the colour spectrum to grow (blue) and bloom (red).  Any other colour that light produces is really just a waste of energy because the plant isn't using it (an energy savings of half).  California Lightworks LED systems are all in one units that don't require any additional reflectors or ballasts, and the LED bulbs last a lifetime (HPS needs to be replaced often, at least once a year).  We felt it was important to make these lights available as a super safe, super easy option for people growing their recreational plants.

All of these products are also Golden Token products!

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