Strong Silicone Adventurer

Strong Silicone

Height: 14"

Bowl: 14mm

Downstem: 3"

Mouthpiece: 1.5"

DURABLE SILICONE BPA Free, Non Toxic 100% FDA Approved food grade silicone

SILICONE ICE CATCH Removable interior ice catch is easy to remove, clean, and keeps smoke icy cool. The ice catch also acts as a place to stash your stem and bowl when in transit (on the Adventurer  model only)

GLASS BOWL & DIFFUSED DOWN STEM High quality inset glass bowl and down stem seamlessly fit into silicone body

SUCTION CUP BASE Unique concave base creates bump proof suction

Based in Oregon, Strong Silicone is the original unbreakable silicone bong

Aqua Adventure
Grape Adventure
Onyx Adventure
Emerald Adventure
Lava Adventure
After Glow Adventure

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